Welcome to Sankai laboratory.

About the Lab. :

In our laboratory, we focus on developing the new research field called “Cybernics”. Cybernics is the academic field combining Cybernetics, Mechatronics, Bionics , Medics(Medical Engineering), and Informatics including Electronics, Physics and Mathematics.
In 2014, “Innovative Cybernic System for a ZERO Intensive Nursing-care Society” is adopted by Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program(ImPACT).
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Know the Lab. Personally :

Q1 Where is Cybernics Lab.?

Cybernics Lab. is located in the heart of Tsukuba, the science City of Japan. The main Lab. is inside science wing (Cybernics Research Building) of University of Tsukuba. However, it also inhabits in Rikakei Syusitou, clinical medicine related laboratory and liaison center etc., is it vast as the name itself.

Q2 How/Who are the members of cybernics Lab.?

You will be surprised by the variety of people and their taste in Cybernics Lab., ranging from people having profound knowledge of musical instrument and Dance to sports etc,. for more information have a look at Member Listand their homepages.

Q3 Major Academic conferences?

  • Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
  • Robotics Society of Japan
  • Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Japanese Society for Artificial Organs
  • Japan Society for Biomechatronics
  • Medical Engineering Society
  • International Artificial Organs Society
  • International biocybernetics center
  • Rehabilitation engineering conference
  • many others

Q4 The facilities environment

Its full of modern facilities:

  • Computer with Windows, Mac and Linux operational systems.
  • Exclusive use of 5 different types of rapid prototyping hardware
  • A robot manipulator
  • Robot simulator
  • Light spectrum analyser
  • FES equipment
  • Parallel computing environment
  • CAE/CAD software
  • 3D scanners and motion caption
“Our most important facilities and equipment are the ones developed by the lab members.”

Q5 I want to enter cybernics Lab., What should I do ?

Ultimately what matters is motivation. Are you motivated? If so, you should proceed with an inquiry e-mail, addressed to Professor Sankai Yoshiyuki. Use the inquiry address given at the bottom of the page. Prepare your research plan well.
Below is the Image of a prospective/ideal student.

  • Who shows aggressiveness and interest in anything that come on the way.
  • One who holds high esteem for dream and passion!(Have a dream, be passionate)
  • One who goes allout for something they cherish.(inexhaustively)
  • Important is the heart that thinks about others.(Kind??)
  • who wants to love others rather than be loved by others.
  • A life filled with will.

Q6 Is the seminar activity tough?

Seminars are performed once a week. Research reports, study meetings, presentation explanaitions are the main activities.

Q7 Related subjects I should prepare, which will help ?

  • Control theory
  • Programming(Java, C, C++, C#, Python, php, etc)
  • Laplace transforms
  • Digital and analog circuits
  • Physical education, basic physiology and biology
  • Modern culture


Undergraduation students usually advance to graduate courses.
Graduate students may advance to doctoral programs or get employed by major companies, government institutions or venture businesses.

Q9 Tell me more!

Ofcourse !! contact us at At.